T&S Brass
For more than 60 years, T&S Brass has been supplying foodservice establishments across the globe with quality, long-lasting, well-engineered products. The world’s leading restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airports and entertainment venues rely on T&S products to meet their foodservice plumbing needs. Heavy-duty construction, trustworthy performance, solid feel, and an enduring legacy of customer service and technical support means the quality of T&S Brass products is unmatched.
If these world-leading companies trust T&S Brass, you can too.




  Open Hose Reels


  Model:  5HR-232-01


  1\Guide Arm

  4-position orientation

  Mounted independently

  Easily adjustable

  Thick steel structure

  Extra ribs for strength

  2\Adjustable Hose Stop

  3\Main Spring

  Proprietary spring alloy

  Exceeds 25K pull test

  Easy and safe sevice






  Equip Pre-Rinse Unit


  Model: 5PR-2S00-H 


  Single hole deck-mounted pre-rinse unit

  Supplied with 1/2’’ in-line check valves

  18’’ flexible inlets with 1/2’’ couplings

  Include 6’’(152mm) wall bracket

  5SV-H spray valve(4-6 GPM)




  EasyInstall Pre-Rinse Unit


  Model:  B-0113-B


  Deck-mounted single hole base faucet with ''pop-and-lock'' riser installation feature.

  B-0107 JeTSpray valve

  B-0044-H flexible stainless steel hose

  B-0109-01 6''(152mm) wall bracket

  18''(457mm) flexible inlets




  Deck-Mounted Workboard Faucet


  Model:  B-1110


  6''(152mm) swing nozzle and 4''(102mm) centers

  1/2'' NPT thread

  Removable seats

  Chrome plated escutcheon





  Deck-Mounted Workboard Faucet


  Model:  B-1120


  6''(152mm) swing nozzle and 8''(203mm) centers

  1/2'' NPT thread

  Removable seats

  Chrome plated escutcheon




  Water Station


  Model:  B-1230

  Glass filler water station includes:

  10-1/2''(267mm)*12-1/2''(318mm) drip pan, stainless steel

  B-1210 push back glass filler

  Coupling nut and 1/4''(6mm) sweet tailpiece for copper tube connection

  2-1/4''diameter grid drain





  Dipperwell Bowl and Faucet


  Model:  B-2282-01

  Incluse B-2282 faucet and 006678-45 bowl




Open Retractable Hose Reel


Model: B-7232-01   


Open reel with epoxy coated steel finish

35’(10.7m) of heavy-duty blue hose, 3/8’’ I.D.




  Electronic Faucet


  Model:  EC-3102


  Single hole sensor faucet

  Deck mount, cast spout

  AC-DC control module

  Temperature control mixing valve




  Mini Pre-Rinse Unit



  Model: MPY-2DLN-08   


  Compact pre-rinse unit for limited kitchen space

  Single hole base faucet with lever handles

  8’’(203••。2mm) swing nozzle with add-on faucet

  B-0107-C low flow spray valve

  B-0109-01 6’’(152mm) wall bracket

  Overall height of Minnii-Pre-rinse: 610mm to 635mm


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