Cooper-Atkins thermometer

Since our establishment in 1885, Cooper-Atkins has built a solid reputation as a leading manufacturer and provider of quality time, temperature and humidity instruments. As an innovative global partner, Cooper-Atkins Corporation provides a full line of professional temperature products to assist in serving safe food. We deliver measuring systems to help our customers ensure safe food and healthy indoor environments.


1¶••⊿ Accurate for Life 
3¶••⊿Five Year Warranty  




  Brand:  Cooper-Atkins

  Type:  DPP400W

  Temperature Range:  -40° to 200℃

  Accuracy:  ±1℃

  Resolution:  0.1°

  Response Time:  <6 seconds

  Stem Length:  69.9mm

  Power:  1.5V

  Auto Off:  10 min

  Water Resistance Rating:  IPX7

  Weight:  28g

  Warranty:  Lifetime




  MicroNeedle Probe Chisel Tip


  Brand:  Cooper-Atkins

  Type:  50207-K

  Temperature Range:  -73° to 260℃

  Max Tip Temperature:  260℃

  Response Time(in liquid):  1 second

  Shaft Length:  95mm

  Cable Length Max Extended:  Direct Connect No Cable

  Weight:  14g

  Warranty:  1 year




  Brand:  Cooper-Atkins

  Type:  93233-K


  32311-K Instrument

  50012-K Surface Angled Bell Probe

  50306-K Oven/Freezer Probe

  50336-K DuraNeedle Probe

  9368 Wall-Mount Bracket

  14235 Medium Case

  Weight:  851g





  Weighted Griddle Probe


  Brand:  Cooper-Atkins

  Type:  50014-K

  Temperature Range:  -40° to 260℃

  Max  Tip Temperature:  260℃

  Max Cable Temperature:  205℃

  Response Time:  2 second

  Cable Length Max Extended:  762mm Flexible Armored Cable

  Weight:  907g

  Warranty:  1 year




  Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm


  Brand: Cooper-Atkins

  Type:  DFP450W


  Never needs adjustment; Accurate for life!

  Dishwasher Safe

  Waterproof IPX7


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